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Your Photos are Organized, Now What? 5 Considerations
by guest blogger, Janice Russell on 08/31/2017

While it's common to struggle with initially organizing physical and digital photos, for many there's also a challenge with what to do with the pictures once they are organized. Read more.

4 Easy Steps to Tackle Photo Organization by Marsha Wolff on 03/13/2017

Pickled Pixels was fortunate to write a guest blog post this month for Mind Your Matters, an organizing firm based in Raleigh! Read more.

3 Tips to Start Preserving Photos by Marsha Wolff on 01/16/2017

If you have piles and piles of old photos and the mere thought of going through the arduous process of organizing, digitizing and storing your on the internet makes your head spin, please don’t panic!! Follow these 3 tips to get you started...read more.

Pickled Pixels 101by Marsha Wolff on 12/20/2016

Who doesn’t love a good story? And a story told through photos? Sign me up! Photos allow us to capture special moments or events in time and hold onto them forever! The first partially successful photograph was taken back in 1837 by Nicéphore Niépce. Then in 1888, George Eastman started selling his Kodak cameras and ever since then, we’ve been obsessed with photos and capturing those wonderful moments...read more.

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