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Photo Album

by Marsha Wolff on 1/16/2017

If you have piles and piles of old photos and the mere thought of going through the arduous process of organizing, digitizing and storing your on the internet makes your head spin, please don’t panic!!

Follow these 3 tips to get you started:

  1. Go through your existing photos (physical and digital) and decide what you want to keep or throw away. Don’t forget to remove duplicates! As you go through the photos, resist the urge to linger and reminisce, spend 2-4 seconds looking at a photo and decide to either keep it or throw it away.
  2. Sort and Organize
    • For Physical Items
      1. After you decide which copies you would like to keep, I find the easiest method to sort is chronologically. If you’ve inherited photos from parents or grandparents and you don’t know exactly who is in the photo or when it was taken, it may be helpful to sort by event, such as vacation, family reunion, holidays, birthday, wedding, etc.
    • For Digital Items
      1. If you have photos on various electronic devices – such as a computer, smartphone, external hard drive, thumb drives or CDs, it helps to gather all of them into one location on your computer or an external hard drive. Put the photos or movies into a folder called “To Be Organized”. If, while moving over pictures, you’ve already sorted by date or event, that’s great, keep that organization.
      2. Once you have copied over all of your memories to one folder, begin creating new folders to move your pictures to. I suggest using the year, month, and the name of the event or theme. Here is an example of the file structure and format I use for my 1TB external hard-drive:
      3. File Structure Example
      4. You are now ready to cut and paste photos from the “To Be Organized” folder into the various folders you have created.
  3. Preserve Your Photos
    • If you have physical media and you don’t have the resources to scan them into digital files, invest in acid free photo storage boxes. Keep your photos in a temperature controlled, dry location or work with Pickled Pixels to digitize them!
    • For digital media, if you have a cloud storage account, such as Dropbox, Google Photos, or OneDrive, copy your photos to there, to ensure they are truly backed up.

Don’t forget though! Once you are organized you still have digital maintenance to perform. Set a calendar reminder for once a month to remove the photos from your smartphone and computer, and organize them into your folder system on your external hard drive and copy them to the cloud. Please feel free and contact me with any questions or to inquire how Pickled Pixels can help!

Happy pickling! Marsha Wolff

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