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Pickled Pixels 101 by Marsha Wolff on 12/20/2016

Who doesn’t love a good story? And a story told through photos? Sign me up! Photos allow us to capture special moments or events in time and hold onto them forever! The first partially successful photograph was taken back in 1837 by Nicéphore Niépce. Then in 1888, George Eastman started selling his Kodak cameras and ever since then, we’ve been obsessed with photos and capturing those wonderful moments, no matter how goofy, sad or happy they may be.

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I started Pickled Pixels because I want to connect with people and families and help them preserve their memories whether they are photos, slides, VHS or even cassette tapes. For me, my family and the heritage we pass from generation to generation through photos and slides holds a special importance. Even though my kids will never meet their great grandparents, I still want them to know who they were, what they looked like, and tell our family history through those old photos, so my children know their heritage. Years ago I started by scanning and digitizing my own photos and then I moved on to the photos that my mom inherited when my grandma and grandpa passed away. I'll be honest, I don't know every single person in those old photos, but because they were taken by my grandparents, they still hold great emotional value to me! And I knew the best way to share these memories with my family and future kiddos was to digitize! And from what started out as a home project, grew a business and mission... to help other people and families preserve their past!

We all know that over the years our photos become trapped in shoeboxes, storage bins and other drawers or closets! And what about those old albums filled with family reunion photos? Digitizing and preserving those photos allows you to more easily share the photos and creates a way to protect your precious moments from further damage or decay. Once your physical media is in an electronic format, you can do more with them too; like load them onto a digital photo frame that shuffles through photos for your guests, friends or family to see…create a coffee table photo book or a memory blanket you can curl up with on cold winter nights…the options are endless! Ultimately the goal is to create a virtual backup of your photos in "the cloud", so that no matter what life or mother nature throws your way, your special moments are “pickled” forever!

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I hope you enjoyed my first Pickled Pixels blog! I wanted to give you some background into why I started this business and why I feel it's so important! If you have any questions about your photos or memories, please feel free to reach out to me! Even if you are not a client, I am happy to answer any questions you may have or give advice on how you can preserve your memories! I wish all of you a very happy holiday season and I'll see you again in 2017!

With a grateful heart, Marsha Wolff

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