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Photo & File Organization

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” - Eudora Welty

Albums and boxes and phones, oh my! Over time, your photos and precious memories can become trapped and scattered in various places - shoe boxes, storage bins, photo albums, computers and now, smart phones. Little by little we store them in various places, but before we know it, it's an overwhelming project that we procrastinate in tackling. And with so many hiding spots for your memories, when's the last time you actually took them out to enjoy them?! Pickled Pixels wants to help alleviate your stress and regain file control by working with you to gather and organize your treasured memories.

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Anything is Possible!

  • Photo Albums - put albums into sequential order
  • Photo boxes/bins - go through loose photos and organize by dates, events, people, times of life, location, etc.
  • Paper files/documents - comb through papers and organize by purpose, company, dates, etc.
  • Digital files - review files and organize by purpose, people, company, dates, etc.

The Benefits!

  • Relive those wonderful memories you haven't seen in years!
  • Pickled Pixels can help create a filing system that works best for you
  • Once organized, you can go a step further by having important photos and documents scanned for preservation/backup
  • And much more... Contact us today!


  • In-home/office organizing = $100 per hour
  • Electronic/remote organization = $50 per hour

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