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Paper and Document Scanning Service Offered by Pickled Pixels!

Paper and Document Scanning Service

Do you have boxes of old papers and documents? As important as these items are, they're taking up precious space in your home and closets! Pickled Pixels can scan and digitize all of your important documents, everything from receipts to legal size papers, and store them on media so they can be easily searched and viewed.

We can help you get your important papers and documents organized and digitized! Give us a call: (919) 473-3044


The Process!

  1. We personally pick up your documents and bring them back to our home office.
  2. We carefully scan them in...
    • papers into a 600 DPI searchable PDF file.
    • business cards to receipts into a 600 DPI JPG file.
  3. We store the digital files on your choice of media - CD, DVD, USB flash drive (add'l charge), Dropbox, or other cloud service of your choice.
  4. We personally return the documents and digital media to you.

The Benefits!

  • Reclaim valuable home and closet space by reducing multiple boxes of papers to a mere CD/DVD
  • Save time and energy by letting Pickled Pixels do all the tedious work of scanning
  • Digital PDF files are easily searchable, viewable and shareable


Loose Papers:
  • Business cards to receipts = $0.15 per side
  • Letter to legal size papers = $0.10 per side
Papers in Sheet Protectors or Binders:
  • $50 per hour, includes time it takes to carefully remove papers and once scanned, put them back in the sheet protector and/or binder
**All services include one (1) CD or DVD of your digital media.
A USB flash drive (16 GB) may be purchased for $15 each or additional CD/DVD copies for $10 each.

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