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Photo and Video Scanning Service Offered by Pickled Pixels!

Photo & Video Scanning

Over time, your memories (photos, negatives, slides, videos) can become trapped in various places - shoe boxes, storage bins, and photo albums. Honestly, when's the last time you actually took them out to enjoy them! Plus, as your photos age, acids in the paper, exposure to sunlight and other elements in the air, cause your photos to deteriorate. Your old color photos will start to have an orange tint and your old black and white photos start to yellow.

If it's flat...we can scan it!! We don't just scan photos, we an scan certificates, greeting cards, old family letters and much more. And once the memorabilia is digital, there are so many different things we can do, such as create a slideshow or design photo swag, so you can enjoy them more often!

We can help you get your old photos, slides and videos digitized so they can be enjoyed for generations to come! Give us a call: (919) 473-3044


The Process!

  1. We personally pick up your memorablia (photos, slides, videos) and bring them back to our home office.
  2. We carefully scan the...
    • photos (everything from wallet to 8x10), by hand, into a 600 dpi JPEG file.
    • slides (35mm, 110, 126) into a 600 dpi JPEG file.
    • video tapes (VHS, VHS-C, 8mm) into a high definition MPG video file.
    • audio cassette tapes into a digital MP3 audio file
  3. We store the digital files on your choice of media - CD, DVD, USB flash drive (add'l charge), Dropbox, or other cloud service of your choice.
  4. We personally return the photos and digital media to you.

The Benefits!

  • Digital photo quality will never degrade
  • Having a digital "backup" of photos is the best way to safeguard your memories
  • Personalized service without having to send your priceless memories away in the mail
  • Save time and energy by letting Pickled Pixels do all the tedious work
  • Reclaim valuable space at home by reducing photo clutter to a mere CD/DVD
  • Digital photos are easily viewable and shareable; no more fighting over who gets to keep the photo albums!
  • Go a step further and have extra special photos put into a custom slideshow or create photo swag!


Loose Photos:
  • $0.35 each
Photos in Albums:
  • $50 per hour, includes time it takes to carefully remove photos and once scanned, put them back in the album
35mm Negatives:
  • $0.50 per strip; maximum of 6 photos in 1 strip
Audio Cassette Tapes: includes track separation and sound restoration
  • $15 per cassette tape
Slides - 35mm, 110, 126: includes basic photo restoration service to repair discoloration and dust/scratches
  • $1.25 each slide
Video Tapes - VHS, VHS-C, 8mm: includes video trimming, editing, sound restoration and menu/chapter creation
  • $25 per video tape
  • If a video tape needs to be repaired, there will be an additional $10 fee per tape
**All services include one (1) CD or DVD of your digital media.
A USB flash drive (16 GB) may be purchased for $15 each or additional CD/DVD copies for $10 each.

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