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Slideshows for Any Occasion

Photos are wonderful memories but occasionally a photo by itself doesn't quite capture the feeling you want. Enter slideshows! With slideshows we can put a collaboration of photos, videos and even audio clips, to music, to make the moment really special. Slideshows are completely customizable and can be created for any occasion!

If pictures are worth 1000 words, then slideshows are priceless!

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Styles of Slideshows!

  • Souvenir Slideshow - typically 4-8 minutes in length, these slideshows are created to celebrate any special occasion including graduation, birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, reunion, annual banquet, or a cherished vacation.
  • Story-tell Slideshow - these types of slideshows are much longer in length, anywhere from 10-30 minutes, for the purpose of telling a unique story such as a person or family's ancestry or commemorating a loved one that has passed on. The photos in this type of slideshow are typically in chronological order.

The Benefits of Slideshows!

  • A unique way to celebrate a special occasion, showcase a family's heritage/ancestry or commemorate a loved one
  • 100% customizable – number of photos, video/audio clips, music, duration, chapters
  • Recorded on DVD for easy storage, viewing and sharing
  • And much more... Contact us today!



All slideshow packages include a DVD menu, title screen, music, elegant transitions, closing credits and online preview of the slideshow before purchase:

  • Classic Slideshow Package - $100 for up to 50 photos; 2-3 songs recommended
  • Enhanced Slideshow Package - $250 for up to 100 photos; 3-5 songs recommended
  • Premier Slideshow Package - $500 for up to 250 photos; 4-7 songs recommended
*All slideshows include one (1) DVD of the finished product.
**The digital images you submit should be medium to hi-res quality. If you require us
to scan printed photos or other materials, there will be an additional fee of 35¢ for each scan.
***A USB flash drive (16 GB) may be purchased for $15 each or additional DVD copies for $10 each.

Checkout Some of Our Sample Slideshows Below!


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